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“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”  Joseph Campbell

Who We Are


We (Helena and Freddy) met in 2010, and soon realised that we had a shared passion for personal growth, spiritual inquiry and the natural world. Launching The Hearth is the next step in our attempt to embody an authentic response to the urgent challenge of climate change and biodevastation, balanced with our need for deeply-rooted rest, playful connection and the desire to offer solace and support to our community.

We've since been joined by Raffy and Orlando, who are helping us to keep things in perspective!



Helena loves retreating to beautiful places in nature. She recognises the healing and energising value of peaceful, homely and practical places of quality. She brings warmth, beauty and a touch of soul to the accommodation and day-to-day running of The Hearth! 


Her other interests are dance and movement as a way of healing the psyche, body and spirit. She has studied Dance Movement Psychotherapy, and more recently undertook an apprenticeship with The School of Movement Medicine.


Mothering remains her most active passion at this time, alongside the tending of The Hearth and home. 

A long-time lover of wild places, Freddy has found a sense of belonging through the natural world. He has been working as a psychotherapist since 2007, and is increasingly developing his professional practices to work within natural settings


He believes that our western post-industrial perspective of “civilisation”, though beneficial in many ways, has taken us dangerously far from our roots within the natural systems that sustain us.

Following studies in indigenous wisdom at Schumacher College, and in Ecopsychology at Natural Academy he is now training others to offer nature-based therapy and runs his own ecotherapy practice here in the yurt and woodland at the Hearth. 

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